Playing keno is quite easy than what many people think. It is a lottery-style game which many casinos worldwide allow their players to play. This article will explain all the key things you should know about the game. Visit for casinos featuring keno games.

Getting Familiar with Keno Scorecard

Before you can play keno, the first thing you have to do is to get a keno scorecard. In a land-based casino, you'll have to buy this card from the casino agents. However, when you play online, the card is automatically presented on your device screen.

  • Keno is a game of luck
  • You need to buy a scorecard to play the game

The keno scorecard is a regular card that has been sectioned into rows and columns, and it contains numbers. Most keno versions have a maximum of 80 numbers on their scorecard but there are some versions that come with up to 120 numbers.

Marking Numbers on the Scorecard

In every keno game, the goal is just for players to guess what numbers will be drawn when the raffle starts. You will then need to mark these numbers that you have guessed on the scorecard. Usually, you are allowed to mark up to 10 numbers.

In the land-based version of the game, you will simply put the sticker on the numbers. But in the online versions, you will have to click the numbers you want to mark. Once you've marked your lucky numbers on the card, the raffle draw will commence.


The Raffle Draw

The raffle draw is just like every other raffle draw. There are balls which are numbered and placed in a pot. The dealer of the game will rotate the pot and take out balls randomly. In the online version, this is done automatically by the computer.

  • The number of balls selected is based on the keno version
  • Winning is based on how many numbers guessed correctly.

If the numbers marked already on your keno card are the same as those selected during the raffle, then you are one of the winners. Be aware, however, that what you win is dependent on how many numbers are matched compared to overall numbers marked.

Free Online Keno

Before you decide to play real money keno game, we recommend that you should play it in free mode especially if you are not familiar with the rules of the game. Free mode keno will help you learn all the moves of the game.

It will also help you practise playing the game, and as time passes you will improve. Free keno also comes with the advantage of allowing you to test strategies which you help increase your winning chances. Here are top casinos offering free keno games:

  • Casumo Casino
  • Play Frank Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • Play OJO Casino

How to Choose the Right Keno Casino

Now that we've explained the rules of keno and how you can play this lottery-like game, in this section, we'll explain select a casino offering real money keno. Choose a keno casino that is licensed strict licensing bodies like the UKGC and MGA.

In addition to that, visit the bonus section of the casino and check all the promotional offers that are given to players. Also, consider the banking methods which the casino allows players to use as well as the overall reputation of the casino.